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i think it's your problem

written by facuz on Monday May 23rd, 2016 -- 5:15 a.m.
in reply to The Raspberry Pi: I wish I could go back in time and not buy it.

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1 year ago i bought a Raspberry Pi 2 at only 35€ more or less.
I installed OSMC and in 15 minutes all was working good.
Everything i was looking for it's on forums and blogs on internet.
I spent some days to understand what to install and how to obtain the best from my Raspberry, but now i have my amazing mediacenter always connected to my TV and i use it almost everyday, without any problem.
I added RetroPie to OSMC so i can play retrogames with my kids thanks to 2 wireless gamepads, and i installed a torrent client too and some other stuff so my raspberry now is also a download server for movies, TV series and music.
I never faced the problem you mention, and everyday i think that buy that Raspberry has been the best idea i had.
This is the first complain i've ever read about Raspberry and OSMC.



Don't beat yourself up. - A brother - 11/8/19
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