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Don't beat yourself up.

written by A brother on Friday November 8th, 2019 -- 2:54 p.m.
in reply to Oh wow, most of that "update" was repeated information...

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I used to work in IT and data security starting back in 2002 "THE YEAR OF THE LINUX DESKTOP!" when my buddies were recompiling Gentoo daily to get a CD drive to work and I was still reinstalling Windows XP monthly to make it clean.

Back then if you had a problem with XP millions of other people had the same problem and there were fixes.

If you had a problem with Debian, BDS, or any of the "mainstream" distros "read the documentation" "search the forum" "this issue has already bean addressed".

2019 the world is further from a Linux desktop than we've ever been. "If it doesn't work, you're the problem" has certainly been effective.


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