Ekstatische Lyriken Pinnwand

...and, having built the other 7 channels now...

written by Pj on Saturday April 28th, 2012 -- 10:42 a.m.
in reply to EEG, once again!

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Here's a screen capture:

I really need to make a pause button to stop the motion when making screen captures so it doesn't have those weird discontinuities in the image.

The third and fourth channel show some alpha waves (they're the things that look more like sine waves and less like noise) which appear when the eyes are closed.  The first channel is mostly flat because I used it as input to the DRL electrode.  Haven't figured out how to make it work on averaged electrodes, which is strange because I thought that would be simple.

Still no idea what's going on with my heart rate.  Tried to stay away from the caffeine, but nothing gets done without it.

I noticed the same thing last time I did this (which was years and years ago).  I mentioned it to my doctor years ago, who seemed concerned and ordered an ECG, but it didn't show anything.  ...but then, they only run the test for about 2 seconds, just enough to record a couple of beats. 

I suppose the thing to do might be to write some code now to dump it to a PDF file, print it out, and show him that.

I'd include a photo of the EEG circuit itself, but I'm so tired I can barely type.  ...or maybe it's because it's too cold in here since I haven't turned on the heat.  Either way, it's time to go to sleep anyway,


A Screen Capture of ECG - Pj - 1/18/13
Photo of EEG Circuit - Pj - 2/10/13
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