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A Screen Capture of ECG

written by Pj on Friday January 18th, 2013 -- 6:03 p.m.
in reply to ...and, having built the other 7 channels now...

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Nothing interesting to report about my EEG (but seemingly mostly ECG) machine progress.  I haven't worked on it since eight months ago, which is kind of sad since the thing still sits on my electronics desk because I haven't worked on anything else in that time either.

Anyway, I've had this screen capture on my desktop ever since then, having never made another blog post about it to use the screen capture in.  It's kind of cool, so it's about time I post it:

The grid is drawn to the scale indicated by Wikipedia, and scrolls along with the traces so that their position on the grid remains constant as they scroll by.  It also scales the grid so that a full ECG signal can be seen even if the window is resized to make it smaller, and so you can see more history just by resizing the window so that it is wider or shorter.


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