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written by Pj on Monday February 21st, 2022 -- 7:16 a.m.

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So I haven't made a post here in 2.5 years.

The problem was that I discovered Discord, and it just makes posting images (and even videos) so easy that I started posting all of my thoughts there, so that like 6 people could read them.  The reach sucked, but the ease-of-use combined with my general laziness made the problem persist.

To get myself back to posting on the internet, I wrote some new blog software that makes it easy for me to post pictures and videos.  It's not as easy as the "paste the image here" of Discord, but Discord had some negatives too, and on balance I think my new platform is superior.  You can read more about the new software (and see some pictures) in a post about it on the new blog.

I know some people have this blog in their Atom/RSS feed readers, as I can see the requests in the access log.  So this post is to inform you all of the new blog's location:


On that page you'll also find the link to the new blog's Atom/RSS feed.

As for what you missed out on, I plan to start copying the more interesting posts out of Discord and into my new blog, as I want to have that content on my web site, not buried away in the scroll-back history of a Discord channel.  So don't worry about subscribing to my Discord.  My days of posting my thoughts there are now over, and everything that is there that is worth seeing will appear on the new blog in the future.


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