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NATPOS updates, and the lack thereof...

written by Pj on Wednesday June 26th, 2019 -- 7:04 p.m.
in reply to NATPOS is AWESOME! Just like T2!

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I'm quite amused that people like Natpos.  There's two separate services someone has pointed at its download page to watch for updates.  ...but I don't know that I'll ever update it.

I became disinterested in SDR after a while because I couldn't find anything on it that I cared to listen to.  Indeed, the only remotely interesting thing I found was a bunch of people being fuckwits on 7.020 MHz, as they were the only ones who cared to occasionally have a real discussion.  All of the other hams are just having mindless conversations about their antennas. 

So when I rearranged my house like 18 months ago I never hooked the antenna back up and a few months ago the antenna broke so I just took it down rather than repair it.


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