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My Nephew's Renders

written by Pj on Wednesday May 1st, 2013 -- 5:59 a.m.
in reply to Blender is a lot of fun...

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My nephew left his Facebook logged in on my computer.  After an hour of trying to think of something funny to do, but nothing too cruel, I eventually gave up.  However, I did find all of the images of stuff he'd rendered in Blender, and so I downloaded them.

I think this is what we put together when I was showing him how to use Blender.  I guess he decided to work on something else before making the rest of the gun.

This he made mostly on his own.  I only helped by suggesting the color scheme, and suggesting using cylinders with one end scaled down to a near-point, rather than actual cones, for the spikes, in order to resolve an issue with smoothing.  I also showed him how to apply the wood texture to the handle, and showed him how placing objects inside a large box helps to improve the lighting in cycles.

This is after he added a handle, and apparently decided he didn't like my color scheme, nor the large white box.

This one I don't think I saw before encountering it on Facebook.  I'm curious how he got the roughness on the metal.  I'll have to ask next time we're playing with Blender.

This is some sort of flying helicopter-like automated drone.  Last I knew he was still working on it.


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