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It's "you're a fag," not "your a fag." Learn to grammar.

written by Pj on Tuesday January 17th, 2017 -- 7:16 p.m.
in reply to Your a fag

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People are really butt-hurt over me not liking the Raspberry Pi.  It's like the Pi is a part of their identity and so by insulting the Pi, I am insulting them personally.

As for Pi updates:

Poor television signals resulted in my mother no longer having a use for it, so I brought it home and it sat around for about six months, before I finally decided to give it to my nephew, since he has no computer in his bedroom, but has a T.V. he can connect it to.  Gave him a mouse and keyboard too.

I'm pretty sure my nephew isn't using it.  It can't play any of his computer games, or any game he'd be interested in.  At best he could watch YouTube on it, but he can already do that with his PS4.  To what extent he does Facebook, he has a cell phone that he uses.  So I guess he's just storing it for me. 

He tells me that his friends are impressed that something so tiny is a computer, so I guess it works for impressing people, but I'm sure they'd be less impressed were to try to use it for anything.


Your a boss - CrashPC - 2/28/17
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