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I Wrote My Own Synthesizer

written by Pj on Monday March 20th, 2017 -- 5:08 p.m.
in reply to I guess my email is broken...

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> I expect the only solution I'll ever find is to create my own audio device and write my own audio software to utilize it, but as that is a significant undertaking, I wouldn't recommend you hold your breath while waiting for my solution.  Hell knows if I'll ever do it.

I'd forgotten I mentioned that here.  Anyway, it turns out ALSA is entirely capable of doing the job, it's just that no one is bothering to do it properly.  So I just had to write my own synthesizer to get reliable low-latency audio.

> Probably you'll just have to wait until the year 2100 when computer science has improved to the point that people have some fucking idea what the hell they're doing.

Seems I was quite right about that.  I posted a link to my synthesizer on Reddit, only to have it bashed by some idiot who was ignoring my synthesizer's actual performance so that he could focus on every made-up-on-the-spot reason he could think of as to why my approach isn't such a good idea.  He insisted that Jack's approach is better because Jack can theoretically produce the same results with less CPU usage, disregarding the decade of experience we have proving that Jack can't produce the same results at all. 

I fucking hate people.

I was hoping to inspire some change, since to be a complete solution, it really needs to be turned into a general audio daemon and it needs a sequencer and a better synthesizer designed to use it, but with my sleep disorder causing a serious deficit in my productive efforts, I can't do everything all by myself.


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