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I had 2 PNY Ram memories go bad also

written by stephen on Saturday December 30th, 2017 -- 12:39 a.m.
in reply to PNY's "Lifetime" Warranty

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I had problems with my computer. It said memory problems-- both using Microsoft diagnosis and Dell diagnosis. So I am not a technical guy-- I hired a professional computer repair person- from a company---
We tested both RAM memory - and BOTH were bad after about 14 months-- even though the packaging clearly says-- lifetime guaranty.

I don't think that the RAM memory should last forever-- but 14 months seems like rather BAD results. The original DELL memory 8 GM RAM lasted more than 3 years with no problems.

The technician said on the one hand -- he thought PNY was generally good. On the other hand- he had never seen in more than a decade of servicing computers- BOTH memory cards go bad.


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