QR Code Configuration Tool
for the Runcam 5 Orange

I wanted to be able to configure my Runcam 5 Orange without using the app. So I created this tool which can generate the QR codes that change the settings on the Runcam 5 Orange.

When changing settings, the QR code will update once a second. I chose to do this because the QR code encodes the current date and time, and the Runcam 5 Orange sets its internal clock to this date and time. So I wanted it to be as accurate as possible. When formatting the SD card, the date and time isn't included, so the code doesn't change.

This tool will store your settings in your browser, so if you return to the page again, you should have the same settings you last used.

This tool is entirely implemented in Javascript, so you can download the HTML and save it to your computer or phone and use it at any time, even without internet access.

Unrelated note: Version 2.0.3 of the Runcam 5 Orange firmware records the wrong FPS in the MP4 files. It will record that they are 59.94 FPS when they are actually 60 FPS, and this causes the audio and video to become out of sync at the end of the file. I suggest downgrading to version 2.0.0 until a new firmware update is released.

If you feel the need, you can try to contact me I guess.
Choose your settings then scan this code.