is a scam!

It works like this: Perhaps half of your order will be placed on back-order, the remaining portion will be substituted for whatever junk they can find for cheap. Your emails will be ignored. Your phone calls will be unproductive. With any luck, you will issue a chargeback and receive a refund of your money, but really hopes that you won't do that. They assure you that your back-ordered items shipped just the other day and that you should receive them soon. They also insist that they do not accept returns. If you want to talk to someone about a return, you'll have to call back tomorrow because that person isn't available today.

I felt something was wrong with the first email I received from, and a simple search for scam told me everything. Working with my bank, I returned the items I was sent, filled out a simple form, and a week later my money was returned.

My Experience with

I ordered about $200 worth of products from They soon sent me an email about one or more of the items in my order being on back-order. I found it bizzare that they didn't bother to tell me which items were on back-order, and so I sent a reply asking which items were affected. I also found it bizzare that they seemed to be so "well, whatever" about it, since that isn't what I expect from an online store.

My only previous experience with back-ordered items is when I ordered an oscilloscope from I knew they didn't have it, as their web site said it was on back-order, but it was the one I wanted and so I ordered it anyway. They immediately sent me an email informing me of its back-order status, providing a date when it would be available, and offering a different product in its place, or a refund, if I did not want to wait., on the other hand, merely said that some part of my order was on back-order, being non-specific as to which part, and only promised that the items would ship in two to three weeks, usually in less time, but in rare cases much longer. ...or, in other words, whenever. They also provided a link for me to read about their policy on back-ordered items, but comically, the page it went to had no section heading for back-ordered items. Using text search, I was able to find the relevant section, but I note that as of now (about a month later) it no longer mentions the term "back-order" which makes the relevant section even more difficult to find.

If product(s) ordered are unable to ship within 5 business days of receipt of order;, Inc. will contact the customer to inform the customer of an estimated ship date. At that time the item(s) will then be considered special order item(s) by, Inc.. The customer will have 3 business days from the notification to contact, Inc for an opportunity to cancel the special order item(s) for a refund. No refunds will be granted after the cancellation opportunity has expired. Any chargebacks will be denied and subject to a $50.00 processing fee., Inc. will only allow a special order item to be exchanged for a product of equal or greater value or a store credit may be issued with proper authorization from a, Inc. customer service manager. Store Credits will be valid for 180 days from issue date.
It is interesting to note the unusal placement of a sentence about chargeback policies in the middle of this paragraph. It says a lot about what was in the mind of the person who wrote this paragraph. There's no point in properly placing such statements in a section titled "chargeback policies" because the purpose of such a sentence isn't to convey information about a policy. Its purpose is to simply discourage people from issuing chargebacks.

At this point it seemed that was some sort of a scam, a hypothesis which required only the most trivial effort to confirm. I sure wish I had performed that search before I placed an order.

I eventually received a response from informing me of which items were on back-order. Out of my $200 order, consisting of 16 items, only about $100 had actually shipped. The remaining 10 items were on back-order, or soon-to-be special order as would say. Since I was aware that it was a scam, I immediately sent an email asking for a refund for those items, but of course, that email was simply ignored.

I waited a few days to see what sort of junk I would receive from I received some glassware that was clearly used, judging from dust, stains, rusty scratches, and black rubbery streaks, along with just one bag of rubber stoppers. Here is a photo of a stained label on one of the pieces of glassware:
I tried to clean one, but even with some isopropyl alcohol, the stain could not be removed.

Also, some flasks I ordered were too small to fit the stoppers they were specified to use, as shown in this photo:
The flask on the right fits the stopper well enough to be usable, and also weighs 27% less than the others, which among themselves vary in weight by only 1%. The flask on the left just barely fits the stopper, but not well enough to be usable. The two flasks in the middle are too small for the stoppers to fit at all. This is what you get when you order "Bomex Erienmeyer Flask, 100 ml capacity, #3 stopper size" along with a bag of size #3 stoppers.

I repackaged all of the glassware since I had no intention of keeping it.

Over the next few days, following my bank's instructions, I made a few calls to This is the menu for their phone system:
Thank you for calling
If you know your party's extension you may enter it now.
To speak to a sales representative to place an order, press 2.
To check on the status of an order already placed, press 3.
To speak to a technical sales representative, press 4.
To cancel a back-ordered item, press 5.
To request a C of A or MSDS on a previously ordered item, press 6.
For our bulk sales department, press 7.
For accounts receivable, press 8.
For accounts payable, press 9.
To hear these options again, press star, 4.
Thank you for calling We hope you have a great day.
It would seem that a lot of people call in order to cancel back-ordered items. Also of interest is that there is no suitable option to speak to someone about a return, regardless of the reason for the return, and if you mention a return to anyone, they immediately say " does not accept returns." There is no inquiry as to whether or not the product is defective or if they sent you the wrong item because they already know why you want to return your purchase. As for the "cancel a back-ordered item" option, it simply goes to a voice mail system, which is likely ignored, if it saves messages at all.

This is their return policy as documented on their web site:
Policy on Returns

Returned products are not accepted by, Inc. and no refunds are given unless the product received was not ordered. Approval for return and refund for product not ordered must be given in writing by, Inc.. Opened containers of chemicals, ingredients and allied goods, used laboratory equipment or any product and associated packaging and labeling that is no longer in the original condition when sold are never accepted for return.
It is almost amusing. Even if you receive something you did not order, they still want you to get approval in writing before you return it. Again, their policies document their bullshit. They don't just accidentally send the wrong thing now and then, they do so intentionally, and they make it clear that they do not want those things returned.

Eventually I grew tired of looking at the box of junk I was sent, and so I went to the post office to inquire about returning it via the least expensive option available. Despite the fact that I was charged $34.28 for shipping, I was able to ship the full 6.7 pounds for only $11.80. I also paid $1.15 for a certificate of mailing since my bank said that I would need some evidence of having returned the items.

I then went to my bank, told them about my phone calls, and provided them with my postage receipt and certificate of mailing, at which point I completed a chargeback request. I was told that usually the chargeback requests are successful.

A week later, I checked my account balance to find that my money was returned to my account. It would seem that, not only does not refuse chargbacks, but they apparently do not even dispute them. What would be the point, after all? It is likely they receive them all of the time and so their credit card processors simply know better.

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