Foam Mat Floor

by Octapoo

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 15:40:00 UTC

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I got a new floor.

It was only $30. I had some foam mats like this already, but not enough to cover the whole floor, and last week while I was doing some cleaning, it was just so much more comfortable to stand on the foam than on the hard floor, so I decided to buy some more. Unfortunately it's totally incompatible with the old foam panels despite looking quite similar, so the old stuff will probably go in my kitchen once I clear the floor in there.

It's so nice that it makes me want to stand up and walk around. Also I don't know if it's because this stuff has a bit of oil on it which is lubricating my feet, or if I just never noticed before how slippery the hard floors are, but it's just all-around easier to walk on this stuff.

I'm not sure yet what I'll do long-term about seating in front of my computer.

Since it's a standing-height desk, I at first bought stools, being unable to find standing-height computer chairs, but sitting on a stool restricts blood flow to my legs and so it sucks long-term.

So for a while I sat on my old computer desk which was on wheels, but it had no back which when I get super tired (and this was a problem with the stool too) I start falling asleep briefly and in that moment lose my balance and almost fall off.

So I removed the top to my old computer desk and stuck a chair on the bottom platform, which worked too but also wasn't too comfortable.

Anyway, with this stuff, I don't want to put either the rolling platform or the stool on it because I'm afraid it'll leave permanent impressions in the foam. For the time being I've just been standing or, when I need to use the computer for a while, putting the stool on a board to more evenly distribute the weight. So I might just permanently attach that board to the bottom of the stool and just overall try not to sit so much.

...but IDK if that will work because, last time I tried that, I ended up sitting on my couch all the time and putting a second computer on my old computer desk and just rolling that up to the couch. Overall I kind of just need a sitting-height desk, but the standing height is so useful when I actually have the energy to do shit and so sitting down is an inconvenience.


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