New Flight Controller PCB

by Octapoo

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 09:37:00 UTC

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Old board on the left, new board on the right.

That little capacitor is intentionally on the back, as I couldn't be bothered to separate things another 0.2 inches just to fit it on the front.

On the new board you can see where I had to patch in one mistake as when moving connectors around I had accidentally connected tx to tx and rx to rx. 🙁 It's not a big deal though as I then realized I didn't need one of the connections anyway, so I cut out both and put a piece of wire in there for the one I needed.

It's mostly the same circuit. The main difference is that I split the power for the electronics from the power for the servo motors because the servo motors can draw so much current that they reset the electronics.

When mounting the old board to the plane, I realized there was really no good way to do so, and thought that the best place for it was on top of the wing, so in order to enable me to put it there, I cleared two vertical paths for the four rubber bands that attach the wing to the fuselage.

I also noted with the old board that its sense of what angle it was at was a bit off, which was because the gyroscope was on the side of the PCB and the PCB was slightly curved. So to eliminate that fault, I moved the gyroscope sub-board to the center. Placing it above another chip, and doing the same for the SD data logger, allowed me to make this board basically the same size as the old one despite having the two empty spaces for the rubber bands.

Now I just have to fix the plane and then I can do some more testing.

I'll probably also pull out the capacitor at the top-left of the board and figure out how I can put one in there that attaches to the battery because it's occurred to me that I'd like a capacitor on the input to the voltage regulator even though the datasheet for the regulator itself says that it does not need one. I'm just a bit worried that since the battery is attached with a connector that maybe it might ever-so-briefly disconnect when shaken around enough.


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