Land Owners are Why People are Poor

by Octapoo

Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 14:20:00 UTC

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So I'm listening to an episode of Timcast IRL with some libertarian moron on it, who is saying that anyone complaining that they can't find a job is just whining that they can't find one that pays as much as they would like, and so they should either take a job that is available or move somewhere that has better-paying jobs. Tim's friend Ian points out that there's a minimum wage that anyone can accept because they have to pay rent. The guest then says that the people who founded this country showed up on the shore with nothing and built a whole country, yet people today think that they have to have a house, and actually suggests that people who can't afford a house should just build a mud hut.

It drives me nuts how libertarians don't realize that all of the land in the world is owned by someone, and thus poor people today have less than those people who showed up on the shores of America and had land to build on, trees to build with, animals to hunt, and forests to search for naturally-growing food.

How much money do you have to have today in order to get a thousand acres of woodland, lakes, and shoreline? Those pioneers who showed up with nothing were given as many acres as they could walk to for free. I'm not surprised that they fared better than a homeless person today, who can't so much as lie down and sleep anywhere without someone showing up and saying "you can't sleep here," and definitely can't build a mud hut anywhere without someone bulldozing it. The world we live in today is actively hostile towards anyone who isn't wealthy enough that they can pay to be left alone.

Anyway, hearing people make arguments this stupid makes me go straight to the comments just to reassure myself that the whole world isn't insane, and there I found the reassurance I needed.

Boomer in the Mr. Rodgers sweater doesn't understand that people can't just get up and move when they can't even pay their bills

​Libertarians live in a fantasy land where you get on a bus and move to the jobs. No big deal. Abandon your family, everything you know etc to benefit a corporation.


You can’t hunt fish trap even farm without money these days,


Start walking because you CANT AFFORD a car to move half way across the country

yeah try and go out somewhere and build a house somewhere and see what local authorities do to you

80 million people work for minimum wages, how can they afford to go anywhere?

You cant just claim some land cut some trees down and build a house then hunt for food no more this guy does not live in the real world


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