Flight Planner for my Flight Controller

by Octapoo

Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 03:40:00 UTC

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Since the blog software was kicking my ass, I started working on the flight planner for my RC plane autopilot. I spent the last few days figuring out how to make it round off the corners of each turn automatically, so that the plane doesn't try to make sudden sharp turns.

Sudden sharp turns don't cause any problems, at least not in the simulator, outside of it obviously failing to turn as suddenly as it had wanted to. It just seems kind of dumb because as it flies past the end of the segment, it makes this intense turn because it suddenly wants to be going a different direction, and then it gradually eases out of that intense turn as it gets closer to the correct heading. By adding curves, the whole of the turn will be more self-consistent and less ridiculous.

Also, I'm always trying to think of how this will fail when I try it on the RC plane in real life and I'm a bit concerned about those sudden turns causing an unexpected drop in altitude or oscillation problems that I'm not seeing in the simulator. It would be better if the plane wasn't trying to do something that it can't actually do.


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