Writing Blog Software is Hard

by Octapoo

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 23:27:00 UTC

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I played with the CSS and made it look nice, but otherwise this blog software project is kicking my ass.

I haven't felt great over the last week and everything about this just seems to lead to more design questions I haven't considered. So I have to stop and think "how will this work" and then "so what data gets saved in which files" and "what format will that data be in" and "what will happen if I need to change the data format in the future" and just in general every answer leads to more questions. Meanwhile the main.c is up to 1000 lines and I should probably be thinking about splitting it into more functions if not also more files but it's anything but obvious where to do that.

Overall I just can't believe that something like this is proving to be so difficult. Perhaps it's not that difficult and it's just a matter of my brain not working for me at the moment, but either way, I'm not really making any progress. I had that neat login box at the top right a week ago and so far it'll create a new user account, but you can't actually log in with it, and even if you could it wouldn't affect anything, and it took days to make that much happen.

Implementing less of what I want has definitely crossed my mind. ...but also what has crossed my mind is not having to change anything later in such a way that all of the existing data no longer works with the new software. So even if I didn't want to add all of the features I want right now, I still have to think about them and how they're going to work.


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