I'm Writing New Blog Software

by Octapoo

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 02:49:00 UTC

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I decided I need new blog software so that I can go back to posting my content on the worldwide web.

It's not much yet, but it's starting to resemble a blog at least. It uses the "Accept" header to determine whether to return an HTML index of the blog entries, or an RSS version of them.

What got me thinking about it most recently is that I've been watching Tim Pool slowly come to realize that demanding that the government force YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to support free speech isn't really the solution, but instead the solution is to have platform-independent ways for people to host their content and for people to subscribe to that content. In realizing this, he's actually mentioned RSS a couple of times.

The big problem with YouTube isn't that they want to ban people, it's that if you want to search for videos, there's really nowhere to search other than YouTube, and YouTube's search only shows you videos on their platform. Even Google's video search only shows you YouTube and legacy media news sites. If everyone published their videos via RSS feeds, any random web site could aggregate those feeds and allow searching, and then individuals could subscribe directly to the content they find, without any intermediate platform, via the RSS feed. Then the content creator would be free to change platforms at any time and they wouldn't lose their subscriber base, because their subscriber base is subscribed to their RSS feed. So it wouldn't matter if they got banned from a platform because they'd just take their content to another platform and start posting links to the new platform to their RSS feed.

The whole problem is that sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter aren't really a part of the internet.

They're their own little private clubs. That's probably a lot of why I never really cared for them, and why I don't really like using Discord as a blog-substitute either. We need to go back to everyone putting their content on the worldwide web where it is worldwide searchable.


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