Second Flight Stuck in a Tree

by Octapoo

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 01:59:00 UTC

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I flew it again today. I attached the camera to the side and pointed down a bit, so as to get better video. I also flew it higher for a while. Then, after bringing it lower, I was making a turn and it did some totally random and crazy shit and ended up in a tree.

It took like 30 or 40 minutes to get it out of the tree, which was really more like a giant bush whose many small thin limbs formed a net that it was kind of caught in. It was only about 15 feet from the ground, but it was still hard to get because the bush was too flimsy to climb. I got it out with a combination of tying a rope to a ball and throwing it at the plane to then pull on it, which helped to pull the plane a little lower, and then I was able to reach it with a stick I found and knock it out of the bush.

Afterwards, the plane was fine, so I flew it some more until that battery was dead. I removed the camera since it's battery was now dead, having been on the whole time it was in the tree.

I then switched to a second battery, and flew it some more, until it again did something odd. I went to turn and it kind of did the opposite of what I wanted, but I was certain I turned the stick the correct direction, so I held it there and a second later it turned the correct way. Not wanting to end up in a tree again, I cut the throttle and did a quick controlled crash landing on the ground right there. I walked over and looked at the plane, and all of the controls seemed to work fine. So I launched it again and it kind of seemed OK but kind of not. I wasn't sure if it was the wind or what, but the sun had set so I just landed it and went home.

Unfortunately, there is no video. 🙁 I started recording and the recording ends about 10 seconds later. I'm really disappointed since I was looking forward to the tree crash video the whole time I was getting it out of the tree.

As for why it could occasionally be going crazy, I have some theories:

1. Radio interference. Supposedly these systems are good for avoiding it, but IDK. It's supposed to sound an alarm for low signal, so I doubt it was an out-of-range issue.

2. The flight stabilizer is fucking things up sometimes. All of the problems occurred while I was using it, but also, I was using it almost all of the time, so I wouldn't expect otherwise.

3. It's getting caught in random little tornadoes. That sounds crazy but it is a large object that doesn't weigh much.

So, IDK. I need to get some kind of data recording on it so that when it has a crash I can examine the data and see what commands it was receiving at the time.


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