An Animal Under My House

by Octapoo

Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 11:04:00 UTC

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A few days ago I noticed some odd noise coming from my Kitchen, but wasn't able to catch it happening. So I wasn't sure if it was noise from outside (maybe then neighbors) or if an animal was in the house.

Today I was able to figure out that it was coming from the floor vent. Something was down there not only pushing around this flexible tube that runs to all of the vents, but seemingly actively trying to dig into it, given how much it sounded like it was being pulled on only to pop back when it slipped out of the animal's grasp.

...and it was rather determined. At first it seemed afraid of noise, but within a couple of hours that thing didn't care how hard I beat on the floor. It also had quite a smell to it.

I was watching a Twitch stream at the time and talking about it in the chat, and it was suggested that it might be stuck. That made me think about how there must be no light down there except for maybe what might shine through the vent and possibly through a hole somewhere in that tube. So maybe it was trying to go towards the only light it could see.

So I went outside and positioned a flashlight to shine into the hole I'd discovered earlier that it must have come in though. I also set up a security camera so that I could see when it left. Within a few minutes, the animal decided to poke it's head out, and it looked and sniffed around for about five minutes before finally deciding to come all the way out and leave.

After it left, I put a piece of wood and some bricks in front of the hole. It returned later, and came back again a few times within about 20 minutes, but I haven't seen it since. So I'm guessing it has no babies in there it needs to care for and so it decided to just move on. Also, they're apparently marsupials so I guess if it had babies then it would have them inside it.

It's crazy how it has that huge mass of leaves stuck to its ass. I have no idea if they were there when it came out of the hole since when it left it walked towards and then over the camera and so I didn't see the back side of it.


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