PCB for a Bicycle Odometer

by Octapoo

Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 23:28:00 UTC

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Since making PCBs it not that hard now, I went ahead and made another. This one is an odometer for an indoor bicycle. It just counts pulses from a hall effect sensor and increments the displayed count.

This time I tried tinning the board with solder, but it looks worse than when I didn't. I saw a YouTube video where someone used a proper tinning solution. It looked nice so I'll have to look into getting some of that.

I also used the router this time to cut the board out, hence the nice regular shape and round corners. I also came up with a clever idea to get the holes in the perfect spot on both sides: Only drill them half-way through from each side.

Anyway, since this circuit has LEDs, you can actually see that it works. Here's a video:


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