Side-by-Side Comparison of Discord vs. Blog

by Octapoo

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 20:05:17 UTC

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While copying this article from Discord, I was amused at how much nicer it looks on the blog vs. in Discord.

It's even nicer than this. This was after I decided to be "fair" and narrow the browser width so that it was rendering with the same horizontal space. At maximum size the image is even larger, but in addition to just being larger, there's so much compression in the image preview on Discord that it just looks ugly. ...and then there's the color scheme.

I'm so happy to have nice blog software now.

Anyway, copying these articles is giving me some ideas for additional blog features.

First, it needs to automatically generate cover images for videos. It just takes the web browser too long to load enough of the video to get the first frame, even when it's loading less data than an image.

Second, it needs some way to link related articles together. My original thought for this was tags, but I have yet to implement them. Then I thought that maybe updates should just be appended to previous articles, but that brings up questions about whether updates should push articles to the top, and it assumes that things eventually have an end and never fork into multiple subjects or that multiple subjects never come together.

Today, while copying all of the articles about the 3D-printed aquarium hood, I got a new idea: I should have "next in series" and "previous in series" links. Then, when I make a new post that's a follow-up to something, I just link it, and then, if someone finds one of the older posts through a search engine, they can find the other posts in the series.

I don't know when I might want to add these features though. I've worked on this software for the last two months and so I kind of feel like I'm in need of another 10-month break and I need to work on something else for a while. ...but neither sounds like a difficult feature to implement so I might do it sooner depending on how much I find myself bothered by either problem.


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