by Octapoo

Monday, October 25, 2021 at 13:04:00 UTC

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So after this thing crashed after using it for like 30 minutes, I was wishing I knew where it crashed, but I hate gdb. So while looking into how to enable core files and get backtraces from them, I discovered a library called 'libbacktrace' which lets you put backtraces into your program. So now when it crashes, it'll display something like this:

Here's the program that made that. If you want this in your own programs then you might want it as an example.

#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <signal.h> #include <backtrace.h> /* A libbacktrace example program. libbacktrace is found at Compile this file with: gcc -g -o test test.c -lbacktrace */ static void error_callback (void *data, const char *message, int error_number) { if (error_number == -1) { fprintf(stderr, "If you want backtraces, you have to compile with -g\n\n"); _Exit(1); } else { fprintf(stderr, "Backtrace error %d: %s\n", error_number, message); }; }; static int full_callback (void *data, uintptr_t pc, const char *pathname, int line_number, const char *function) { static int unknown_count = 0; if (pathname != NULL || function != NULL || line_number != 0) { if (unknown_count) { fprintf(stderr, " ...\n"); unknown_count = 0; }; const char *filename = rindex(pathname, '/'); if (filename) filename++; else filename = pathname; fprintf(stderr, " %s:%d -- %s\n", filename, line_number, function); } else { unknown_count++; }; return 0; }; struct backtrace_state *state; void sigsegv_handler (int number) { fprintf(stderr, "\n*** Segmentation Fault ***\n\n"); backtrace_full(state, 0, full_callback, error_callback, NULL); printf("\n"); //backtrace_print(state, 0, stderr); _Exit(1); }; void function_two () { *((void **) 0) = 0; // program crashes here }; void function_one () { function_two(); }; void main () { signal(SIGSEGV, sigsegv_handler); state = backtrace_create_state(NULL, 0, error_callback, NULL); function_one(); };

There's also a backtrace_print function in there which is commented out, but if you don't mind your backtraces being ugly then you don't even need 90% of what's in my test program and can just use that instead. Also I tested it calling backtrace_create_state from within the signal handler and that works too, FWIW.

Oh, and the second parameter to backtrace_create_state has something to do with whether to support threads, so maybe it should be 1 instead of 0. The documentation is in the header file. hour later...

After another half-hour it did it again. ...and no backtrace. 🙁

Loading the core file into gdb doesn't produce one either. It must be overwriting the stack I guess.


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