3D-Printed Camera Holder

by Octapoo

Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 20:55:00 UTC

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Here's version 2.

My old SJ4000 actually got broken because the USB cable was sticking out the side to plug it in and I guess it got yanked on one day and broke the USB port. Not wanting that to happen here, I extended the side of this thing so that I can have a hole that the USB cable fits through. Because of this, it's not possible to yank it sideways; it can only be yanked straight out. This gave me space to add a slider that holds in the actual camera, though it also fits in more security because I added something inside which slips into the only indentation in the side of the camera.

Since it's now wider, I slid the mounting bracket over, and that allowed me to put a small hole on top to access the power button (which is center of the top of the camera) since the mounting bracket no longer covers it. So I can now turn the camera on and off without having to remove it.

I had been having trouble with the suction cup falling off occasionally, and in looking at it noticed that when clamped into place, it was almost just flat rather than concave. So I also printed this ring to fit between it and the rest of the mount to push the outside of the cup out 1 mm further, which will cause the inside to be pulled away from the glass 1 mm further. Hopefully this will make it stick a lot better.


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