3D-Printed Camera Mount

by Octapoo

Friday, June 11, 2021 at 03:12:00 UTC

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So I want to be able to use my Runcam 5 Orange, which I bought for RC plane videos, as a drivecam too. (It actually has a drivecam mode, where it'll delete old files automatically, so it can record forever.) So I designed these two plastic pieces to attach it to a suction cup mount that I already have for my SJ4000.

I made two pieces that slide together because otherwise printing the thing on top as an overhanging piece (the other part prints lens-side-down) seemed like something that might be difficult, so I decided I'd just make them slide together and then I can glue them.

The top then connects to existing SJ4000 accessories I have, like this suction-cup mount that I can put on the car windshield.

It's kind of held in place by a slight lip on the bottom. I'm not positive that's enough though but I'm also not quite done with this yet. I want to print the final version in PLA. This blue plastic is PETg, which I hate, so I try to use it for all of my test prints just to be rid of it.


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