Deck Bolt Removed

by Octapoo

Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 01:35:00 UTC

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I just noticed today how they fixed this bolt that was hanging out. (This is one of the bolts that secure the deck to the house.)

They just cut it off and covered the hole with one of their new 2x4 joists.

I don't know that that bolt was really doing anything to attach the deck to the house given that it was hanging half-way out, but to whatever extent that it was doing something, it's not anymore.

Still no sign of the inspector. I assume we won't see him until Monday or Tuesday or who knows really.

In other weird news, the guy who built the deck, who is also my mother's neighbor, decided to mow her grass. Not sure why. It could just be that he loves doing yard work, as my mother says he'll mow his own lawn twice a week, but she thinks he's trying to suck up so that we'll be happy with the deck. That makes me wonder if maybe the landlord was being honest when he said that he's not going to pay the guy until he looks at the results with me, but I really find that hard to believe so I don't know what's going on.


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