Deck Disrepair Complete

by Octapoo

Friday, June 25, 2021 at 22:14:00 UTC

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So here's the railing:

It all had these orange stickers on it as they were installing it. They removed all of the stickers except for this one.

WARNING: Post and railing intended for ornamental use only. NOT intended as a safety barrier for above ground installations.

We called up the building inspector and they said they'd send someone out. IDK when that will be. Our county contracts inspections to some kind of nationwide service so it could be a while.

The railings, you don't even have to lean against them to bend them. I went out there and grabbed one and without even putting my weight in it, just pushed on it. It moved so far that I'm sure I could break these things off easily if I wanted to.

For the stairs they just took the same railing and bent it.

Though that sticker also mentions painting any scratches, they decided some sharpie marker was sufficient.

Close up of the bent railings. Also interesting that they added a piece of wood in front of the stair to attach the railing to.

I'm not sure what was done to secure the top of the stairs to the deck. Whatever it is, it doesn't look right.

It's not easy to see here but the bottom is floating above ground and screwed into the 4x4 post with just two deck screws. (I would think a bolt would be more appropriate.)

This is the underside of the deck. They added one extra 4x4 post at each end. It seems to be attached somehow but it's anything but apparent how. Must be a screw or two where we can't see. Note that the post on the right with the brackets and a ton of screws, that's the original post and I added those brackets and all of the screws. I don't see how this new post accomplishes anything.

Also they left the original 2x6 joists, which makes it all the more strange that they spaced the new 2x4 joists 12 inches apart rather than just centering them between the old joists. I can only guess that they changed their mind about what they were doing after installing them.

I saw absolutely nothing done to better the connection of the deck to the house. There's also no new beam that they were talking about adding.

I really don't get these at all.

They're like "you know what would make this deck great? Some tripping hazards. We can put them right next to the flimsy guardrails."

These appear to be the posts and rails used:


On both pages you'll find this text:

Intended for installation on ground; not intended for installation more than 30-in above grade.

The deck is about 6 feet high.


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