Bring Your Dog to Work Day

by Octapoo

Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 17:40:00 UTC

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So one of the guys working on the deck brought his dog to work. It was at the side of the yard on a rope at first, but when I left it was just chilling out under my mother's swing, without a rope. Who thinks it's acceptable to not only bring your dog to work with you, but also to let it roam free?

Anyway, my mother doesn't want me to say anything to the landlord about it so whatever I guess. Hopefully it doesn't maim my mother's cats.

They were still there working on it so I didn't get a close look at anything they've done. However, I did see from inside the house that where they've sawed off the old posts above the deck surface, the old posts continue to stick through the deck surface, but only about 2 inches, so they put these fancy metal caps on them. Apparently they're going to serve no functional purpose, they're just protruding through the new deck surface which has been cut around them.

It's anything but clear how the new railing (seen in the photo above, leaning against my mother's swing) will be attached, but given how things are going so far, I expect something that will break off if someone just leans against it too hard.


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