Letter from the Psychotic Man

by Octapoo

Monday, June 14, 2021 at 04:38:00 UTC

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So a letter was left on my mother's house today, from that guy, as he's apparently going to be doing the work. One of the things mentioned in the letter is that he will be installing a beam to provide extra support. I'm really wondering if it's going to end up being a beam with just one support post. The letter said that the work will only take a few days so we should know by the end of the week.

While clearing the deck of all of our stuff, I noticed that on the right side, the siding isn't installed well and so it possible to see just how far the ledger board is from the brick wall. At least I think. It's so far that there could possibly be another board back there that just isn't visible from the end. Anyway, you can't really see depth in a picture, so I recorded a video to show it.

I can't see as much on the left side but it kind of looks like it's just as far away. It's possible this deck is worse off than I thought.

I do have a tool that would let me look behind the boards to see if it's just a gap that bolts are spanning or if there's more lumber back there. I should take that up and have a look before they come and start working on it on Tuesday.


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