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by Octapoo

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 08:25:00 UTC

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Something else I think everyone should know about, though I won't @everyone this time, is fish antibiotics.

Now you might be thinking "I don't have fish, so why do I need fish antibiotics." Well, maybe you don't need them, but let me show you these fish antibiotics I bought online:

They are 500 mg capsules of amoxicillin, the same dosage that a human should take. If you do a search for the "GG 849" printed on the capsules, you find this page:

It says that they're made by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, and prescription-only. However, amoxicillin is prescription-only only for humans. For animals, no prescription is required. It's the same amoxicillin, it's just "not for humans."

So why might you want antibiotics without a prescription?

What first clued me into the fact that I needed them was that one day I woke up with a sore ... something. It was a long time ago, so I remember it was like in my jaw or my ear, I just don't remember exactly where. However, it wasn't too bad, so I ignored it. The next day it was a bit worse, but it was also Friday and after 5 pm so it was too late to make an appointment with a doctor. Then on Saturday it felt like I would be dead by Monday. I had no antibiotics, but I called around and found someone who had a few left over from a prescription that they didn't finish. (which is a bad idea BTW if you start antibiotics, always finish them) So I was able to take those and that cleared the problem right up. Without those I would have either had to hope that I was still alive on Monday, or go get raped by the ER.

Since then I've tried to always have some on hand in case of an emergency. In doing so, I've found they're actually quite good to have for their intended purpose: animals. On several occasions one of my mother's cats has ended up with some kind of illness such that they're not wanting to eat much and generally doing poorly, so I figured out how to dilute these to the proper dose for a cat, and mix the correct dose in with some chicken (to make sure the cat eats it) and in a couple of days the cat is back to normal.

So even if you don't think you'll ever want to take fish antibiotics, I suggest having some on hand anyway. You might be able to use them for your pets (though make sure you're giving your pets the correct dose one of these capsules is 10 times the proper dose for a cat) or even for your fish if you have any, and if some day you find yourself in a desperate situation such that you'd actually take fish antibiotics if you had them, you'll have that option because you have them.

If you do decide you want some, fish antibiotics can come in many forms, so make sure that what you're looking at comes in capsules and look for a source that cares to talk about who the manufacturer is. Ideally you want a manufacturer who also makes human medications, but at the very least, you want to avoid Chinese manufacturers. Those fuckers put melamine in their baby formula just to make testing show that it has more protein than it actually does, and that's what they do to stuff that's actually intended for human consumption.

What I posted in the photos above came from


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