YouTube Really Wants Me to Believe UFOs are Real

by Octapoo

Friday, June 11, 2021 at 07:46:00 UTC

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So the other day I was complaining about this guy's video that attempts to debunk the debunking of the UFO videos. Well, as if YouTube is really pushing an agenda, another of his videos was the first video in my recommended today.

Meanwhile it never told me about the video that Mick West published that debunks his video.

Despite "checkmate" appearing in the beginning of this video, it's kind of just as bad. He pulls out a flight simulator to aid his debunking and kind of makes an argument that really isn't all that similar to his original argument, and offers no explanation for why he's now saying something different than the assertions he made in his first video, e.g. that it's a "standard rate turn" and thus exactly 3° per second.

Meanwhile I think the whole argument is kind of moot because I think the arguments based on what we know about photography make more sense. If we know that a bright IR source at a great distance will look like that, then it's just way easier to assume that's what the pilot saw than it is to assume that UFOs exist and also take the shape of shapeless blobs.

Also, something about this guy's smile just makes me not want to trust him at all. As he speaks I'm just left wondering why he smiles every time he pauses. It's so weird.

Meanwhile Mick West seems like a normal guy and actually comes up with references for what he says rather than it all coming from experience and/or flight simulators, and so you don't have to take it on faith that his experience is correct or that flight simulators are accurate.

I also find it really strange how much stuff Chris Lehto mentions that doesn't seem to lead to any kind of argument. IDK if it's meant to confuse people or if he just thinks that the more he talks about stuff, the more he sounds like an expert.


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