DuckDuckGo's Video Search Results

by Octapoo

Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 02:26:00 UTC

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I use DuckDuckGo for search but never thought about looking at it's video search. ...but it is way the hell better:

The #2 result is a video of some guy somewhat unintelligibly asking if it's been debunked, which is kind of useless, but he links to the video that I was looking for in his description, so that's a win. The #5 result, I didn't watch all of it, but the first few minutes are some guy with a night-vision scope standing in a field next to a highway and filming all of the triangle-shaped UFOs traveling down the highway, so that's a win too.

I also tried swapping "pyramind" for "triangle" in my search and that brought up this article where they're talking to the guy who made the video I was looking for. So I guess some of the media still gives a shit about finding the truth.

UFO Expert Debunks Navy footage of Mysterious Pyramid-Shaped Objects

I guess I'll have to remember to use DuckDuckGo when searching for videos from now on.


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