Trying (and Failing) to Improve YouTube's Search Results

by Octapoo

Friday, June 4, 2021 at 18:01:00 UTC

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So the next day or something I was thinking "If I could just block all of the verified check mark channels from my search, I might be able to find what I'm looking for." I couldn't find a plugin that does that, but I did find one that lets me ban random channels, putting an "X" next to every channel name that I can click. So I repeated the search and banned a bunch of news accounts, but there's so many that I still didn't find what I wanted.

Something prompted me to look again today, and after 30 minutes of blocking more channels, I finally came across a video that had a couple of clips from the video I wanted to find, which made it apparent that the video I was looking for referred to it as a "pyramid UFO" rather than "triangle UFO."

So I tried searching "pyramid UFO debunked" and only had to X out news channels for a few more minutes before I finally found the video I was looking for:

I then tried to find the other video I had seen, and while I couldn't find it, I did find this other one which does a good job of debunking the same UFO video despite going about it differently:

YouTube seems almost desperate to hide the truth about these UFO videos being bullshit. After having blocked all of the stupid news sites that appear over and over again in the search results, I start getting shit results like this:

It would rather show me videos that are only slightly related to my search rather than show me videos that debunk the UFO videos.

...and notice those shit results are all from check mark verified channels, whereas the two videos I linked are from unverified channels. I really do think a browser plug-in that just blocks all verified channels would greatly improve my YouTube search results.


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