YouTube's Search is Absolutely Terrible

by Octapoo

Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 06:41:00 UTC

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I really can't get over how much YouTube's search sucks. I wanted to find out what people think that new "spherical UFO that goes into the ocean" might actually be, but as usual, YouTube just wants me to watch videos from its approved sources, none of which are questioning it.

A note from the future: I sure wish I had spelled "spherical" correctly in this screenshot, but it's not the only search result I have a screenshot of, so click "read more" to see more.

I actually saw a good video that debunked the green triangle video. I found it on /r/conspiracy. Meanwhile YouTube just wants to tell me that it's totally real.

Come to think of it, the video I found which did an excellent job of debunking the "tic tac" UFO I also found on /r/conspiracy. Apparently I need to go there if I want to have a chance of finding the truth about this new UFO video.


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