Google & YouTube's Search Results Suck

by Octapoo

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 15:30:00 UTC

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Tim Pool makes an interesting point:

Not only is there the problem that he points out in this clip, but also, YouTube seems to actively try to suppress information about the riots or peaceful protests or whatever you want to call them. You'd think you could go to YouTube and find videos recorded by the people involved in the riots or peaceful protests and thus see exactly what is happening. In reality, sometimes you can find currently-live streams from the riots, but if no streams are currently live, then the results are 100% legacy media videos, no matter how far you scroll. Videos recorded by ordinary people in the riots and/or protests are perhaps the most useful tool that people could have to see the truth of what is actually happening, but Google has broken their search to the point that you can't find videos recorded by ordinary people on a web site created to host videos created by ordinary people. All that you can find on YouTube is what the Google and the legacy media want you to see.


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