RC Plane Depression

by Octapoo

Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 19:16:00 UTC

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So I took the plane for a flight again today. I think I'm getting bored with it. It's kind of like "Well, it's flying. I hope it doesn't hit a tree." I didn't hit a tree, only a fence at the end when I was trying to land it and misjudged its distance, but still, I kind of feel like the amusement is gone. Also it was kind of windy which was making me nervous. The flight controller I built seemed to deal with the wind well enough. Hopefully the SD card actually recorded data that I can look at later. Overall though I'm kind of left wondering why I'm bothering as I'm not finding it all that interesting anymore.

Perhaps I should return to the balancing robot project. I remember thinking it was a lot more fun, and it was nice to be able to do real-world testing in my house and not worry about otherwise benign things like trees and wind. Also there was that paddle boat I was wanting to make, so I could work on that. There aren't many trees in lakes and solid foam can't really sink.

The airplane project just feels incomplete because the idea was that with my auto-flying flight controller, it could fly off somewhere I can't even see and have it return on its own. However, in reality, I'm kind of afraid to let it go anywhere I can't see. I kind of hate to fly the thing at all just because I then have to worry about it.

Anyway, no video to show, as I only flew it once and didn't put a camera on it. I'd planned to use two more batteries, but the battery in the laptop I was using died, and there's this weird problem it has with its charger that, even though I was able to plug it into the car, it couldn't charge while turned on. Since the wind was kind of annoying and I wasn't really enjoying the experience anyway, I just decided to come home.

I am kind of thinking of making a new plane though, as I'm kind of interested in this design now, from the same guy who basically designed my current plane:

The nice thing about it is since the motor is in the back, you can put a camera on the front and have a totally unobstructed view. ...but, IDK. It's also kind of just another plane.

Much of my problem is that I kind of just wanted to finish the project for the sake of finishing it, but otherwise haven't really felt like working on it this whole year. Perhaps I should just forget about it until I do want to work on it some more.


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