Ecstatic Lyrics

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The Sarcasm Z80 Assembler is the sweetest assembler in existance.

I've found an awesome way to burn EEPROMs for a Z80 system.

I also made my own Z80 system design which is way better than everyone else's.

Moosfet's File Size Viewer is the most useful piece of software I've ever written.

I once created some music, if you want to call it that.

I also wrote something that demodulates Caller ID signals.

Then I wrote some other pieces of code for various reasons.

...and then there is my blog which is borderline interesting, or my old blog which has some very old content.

I was working on a game called Multiplayer Map Editor but it got old.

Once, a long time ago, I figured out how to hack Descent I and Descent II so that they're playable on modern CPUs.