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Something new for once. (nose vs. cold air)

written by Pj on Thursday August 15th, 2013 -- 8:58 a.m.
in reply to Fucking Sleep (nasal issues vs. energy)

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> So, having not had any for a day or to (or so I think I remember) I took some more chlorpheniramine a little bit ago.  We'll see if this silly pattern of working for only one day continues.

Following the usual pattern of "as soon as I post something to my blog, it quits working," I of course got nothing out of it.

However, while lying around wondering why, my nose suddenly started to feel better, and I realized it happened right after my air conditioner turned on.

Then I remembered that a few days earlier when the chlorpheniramine had seemed to help, the night before I'd turned the AC down to 72 degrees (usually it's at 77) in order to see if cooler air might motivate me to do something, and then I'd forgotten about it.  It was later the next day, after stepping outside for a moment and then coming back inside, that I realized it was set lower than usual, and switched it back.

This isn't even the first time I've noticed this.  Months ago I was wondering if there was something nasty in the ducts (it sure looks like it) that might affect my nose, causing me to get worse the more the heat/AC runs.  However, it didn't take long to figure out that the exact opposite seemed to be the case.  When trying to fall asleep, I always felt better when the AC kicked on.

Why I didn't bother to follow this up until now, I have no idea.  Too busy thinking some pill will fix things, I guess.

I don't yet know the exact cause.  I can think of three:

1.  Colder air.
2.  Lower humidity.
3.  That strange fungal smell that emits from the AC.

Presently I'm assuming it's cold air, but lower humidity seems like a real possibility too.  In particular, over the winter I had tried using a humidifier, with computer control to set the humidity I wanted, but found that humidity just made my nasal issues worse.

Anyway, I've kept the AC set nice and low the last few days.

After the first night, when I finally woke up, it was the coolest thing: I was having some dream about something, then the dream ended, and I was just thinking about shit for like ten minutes, and then suddenly I was like "hey, I'm awake now." This happens on rare occasions, I think the last was at least more than two years ago.  It always feels like it's the way I should be waking up. 

Normally I don't ever experience that very light stage of sleep before waking up, but I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be there.  I've read online about people using EEG to monitor someone going to sleep, and if you wake them up during the lightest stage of sleep, they'll usually insist they weren't actually asleep.  The lightest stage of sleep is a lot like being awake, the only difference being a lack of awareness of surroundings.  That's exactly what I experienced when waking up.  I was thinking about stuff just like I might if I were awake, but until the moment I woke up, I had no idea where I was, or any idea that I was or should be anywhere, and then suddenly I'm in my house laying on the couch.

The nights since haven't been quite as successful, but still clearly an improvement.  In particular, yesterday I finally cleaned the rest of my house, then spent hours building a plastic bubble to surround my bed, connected to a window air conditioner, in order to sleep in the coldest air possible.  Unfortunately, though, I constricted the airflow too much and so now the AC unit mostly just freezes up, which makes it useless.  I may try fixing it later by adding larger tubing with fewer turns, but I'm not sure it's even worth fixing.

Experimenting with my freezer and some CPAP hose and that nasal mask I have, I've found that it's really just the air that goes into my nose that has to be cold.  So one idea I have is to make a box in which to put some of those reusable ice packs to cool any air that I inhale.  However, I looked online at the price of those ice packs and they're quite expensive, and I couldn't find any web site that claims they work better than any random container full of ice, other than being "less messy." I could try using the air conditioner, but I'm not sure it would work all that well cooling a particularly small space. 

Probably the best thing I could do at the moment is to once again use a computer as a thermostat to control the heat/AC so that it gets warmer in the day and cooler at night.  I know I did that once before and I don't recall getting any benefit from it, but maybe I just didn't notice.

This does kind of seem to explain one thing I've been thinking about a lot, which is that when I first moved into this house, I felt better during the first few months than I have after that.  During those first few months, I was so worried about a high gas bill that during the night I'd turn the thermostat as low as I could stand it.  Perhaps I was helping my sleep and not even noticing it.

Another mystery is the month or so before I moved into this house.  Having the energy to go through the trouble of looking for a place and moving out is rather unusual for me as well.  I remember that that was when I'd filled my room with extremely bright lights so that it was actually brighter than it was outside (due to the constant overcast skies), and I also spent the month frequently going on walks just to get out of the house since I was pissed at my mother and my sister.  So I've constantly wondered if more lighting or more exercise would help, but I don't have the money for more lighting and on the few occasions I've tried I've never actually gone for a walk on the second day.  Probably neither one is the right thing.  To purchase the lights and hang them required some energy as well. 

I wonder if I was still doing the day/night temperature cycles then by having the computer control the thermostat.  I know I had to remove the wiring when I moved out, and I remember that the circuit responsible for it was still sitting where it was when I was using it, but that doesn't mean a whole lot.  I can't find any blog posts about it (no surprise, I have no real archive), nor can I even find the scripts I wrote to do it (that is a bit of a surprise), and so I have no clue when I was doing that or when I stopped, but I don't think I was still using it at the time.

...but then, the thermostat is programmable, so it isn't like I would have had to have used the computer to do it.


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