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Calories and Fiber

written by crunge on Tuesday May 14th, 2013 -- 5:15 p.m.
in reply to Hmm... That's not quite as bad as I thought.

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I recently read "Fat Chance" but Lustig and while I don't have the expertise to call bullshit or not, what he says is at least internally consistent and consistent with what I've learned about nutrition.

The idea that a Calorie is a Calorie is true from a quantitative standpoint but not from a qualitative one. Not all monosaccarides stimulate the body to produce the hormone that indicates being sated. Fructose is the big bogeyman here where compared to other forms of carbs you get the same amount calories but only half the satisfaction.

Anyway, one of the things he stressed is that most processes for packaged food destroy the insoluble fiber. While soluble and insoluble individual contribute to bowel regularity, the combination of them smooths out the release of sugars, fats, and other nutrients from your intestines to your liver. With little fiber, the sugars quickly go to your liver which gets overwhelmed and starts passing some of it through. In response, the body secretes insulin to cause those sugars to be stored as fat for later usage. When in this state long enough the body begins to over secrete insulin so the glucose that should be freely available in your bloodstream gets snatched and stored and is thus unavailable to be an immediate energy source. My girlfriend would have a tendency to get tired after meals. We spread the meals out over the day more, introduced lots of fiber, and her energy level became much more consistent.

I've started doing a lot more fresh and canned fruits and vegetables with meals. While the canned stuff is suboptimal, it's a lot easier than trying to keep fresh stuff and the insoluble fiber doesn't get destroyed as it does with freezing. Might be worth a shot.


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