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An Email from My Landlord

written by Pj on Friday August 23rd, 2013 -- 8:59 p.m.
in reply to Dumbass Neighbors Update + Bonus Update

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The email reads:

The tenants up front in 127 would like to pull in the drive and unload their kids, groceries and occasionally have a visitor park there too.  It is very dangerous out on the street for anybody especially the kids to get in and out of the car.  The parking lot has always accommodated 2 cars so if would not be an issue for you, we are asking if that would be ok for the parents and the kids protection?

You are a very good tenant and we do not want to jeopardize losing you as our tenant so we are asking if you will cooperate in this matter for their protection?

You got to love the doublespeak in the last sentence, where they don't want to risk losing me as a tenant, but are essentially implying that I may have to move if I don't cooperate.  I made sure to let them know that they actually are at risk of losing me as a tenant due to the fact that not only do I not like living next to idiots, but I especially don't like it when my landlord encourages them to do things that annoy me which they otherwise would have no reason to assume were acceptable things to do.

I also informed them of most of the past issues I've had with the neighbors, including the hit-and-run incident involving one of the neighbor's friends who decided to park in my front yard, which even taken alone I think is more than enough reason to not allow idiots to park there.  However, the whole message was far more than a paragraph in length, which is more than I've come to expect most people to bother to read, so who knows how far into it they'll read before making a decision.

Unfortunately I forgot to mention my encounter with the police who were kind enough to inform me that what I am doing is entirely within the law.  I may need to send a follow-up email.  One thing I keep forgetting about dealing with idiots is that when you speak to someone they've spoken to, you can just about count on the fact that they didn't tell that person the full story, and so they're entirely misinformed about some issue or another.  So it's quite possible they told my landlord that I'm running out in the yard, yelling and screaming, demanding that they move their vehicles, and throwing rocks when they refuse.


The Happy Ending - Pj - 8/23/13
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